Job Positions for Security Guard at BTL Spinning Mill

Job Positions for Security Guard at BTL Spinning Mill

Security Guard at BTL Spinning Mill

Are you interested in becoming a Security Guard at BTL Spinning Mill? Then you should check out this job vacancy in Faisalabad. The BTL Group has recently published an advertisement for the post in Jang newspaper on 19 Apr 2022.

The company is seeking applications for highly skilled and experienced individuals for the post of Security Guard. Your application will help the BTL Group to progress. Interested individuals can submit their application forms up to 19 May 2022. You can also send an application form in the paper ad.


If you have experience in physical security of assets, you can apply for the position of Security Guard at BTL Spinning Mill. The company also requires that you have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree. This position requires a significant amount of physical activity,

including climbing and walking. In addition, you must be able to report to work in inclement weather. Listed below are the qualifications needed for this position.

Experience: Applicants should have at least one year of relevant experience. Previous work experience in law enforcement or the military is preferred, but not essential. Experience with security systems and first aid is also helpful.

Knowledge of Microsoft Office is also a plus. Candidates must be capable of writing reports. In addition to the above mentioned requirements, candidates should have a high school diploma. Those who have a higher education degree may be preferred.

Job description

The BTL Group is currently hiring for Security Guards in Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan. The company recently published an advertisement in Jang newspaper to fill its vacancies. Applicants with a relevant experience and skill in security and safety are encouraged to apply.

Apply Online: Upload CV to Apply Job
Date Posted: 19 April, 2022
Category / Sector: Private
Newspaper: Jang Jobs
Education: Middle | Matric
Vacancy Location: Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan
Organization: BTL Group
Job Industry: Security Jobs
Job Type: Full Time
  2 Years
Expected Last Date: 19 May, 2022
or as per paper ad

Your contributions will help the company progress further. Apply before 19 May, 2022. To apply for this job, you should submit your resume as a paper ad and include the job description.

A candidate should have at least a high school diploma and 0 to two years of experience. In addition to these minimum requirements, security guards should have some relevant experience with security systems.

Also, the candidate should be proficient in Microsoft Office and know how to write reports. Depending on the company’s requirements, security guards may need to complete higher-level courses. However, applicants with no specific education will be considered for lower-level positions.


In this position, you will be responsible for maintaining the safety of the company’s buildings and grounds. The ideal candidate will have a high school diploma or GED certificate, and at least one year of experience in a security-related position.

Candidates with previous experience in law enforcement or security will usually be given priority, but not necessarily required. You should be familiar with security and first-aid techniques, and have knowledge of Microsoft Office. You should also have knowledge of how to write reports.

The BTL Group is seeking applicants to fill several security positions. They are looking for experienced and highly skilled individuals to protect the company’s properties. This position is an important part of the company’s security efforts, and your experience in this field will greatly contribute to the company’s overall progress.

The deadline for applications is 19 May 2022. You may apply in the newspaper or via email. In either case, make sure you mention the title of the position clearly.


As a security guard, your compensation will depend on the industry and employer. Many entry-level jobs pay close to minimum wage. However, with more experience, you can expect to make more money. The following are some factors to consider when determining the salary for a security guard position:

Job Description: Security guards keep a watchful eye over the workplace. They monitor for violence and crime, and may also operate metal detectors. Security guards are employed by a variety of businesses and industries, but are not police officers or transportation security screeners.

Security guards typically work full-time, but are sometimes employed part-time, with flexible schedules. Salary for Security Guard at BTL Spinning Mill may be less than the median hourly wage in the country.

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