Janitorial Staff Jobs 2022 in Multinational Hospital Lahore

Janitorial Staff Jobs 2022 in Multinational Hospital Lahore

Are you looking for a job as a Janitorial Staff in a Multinational Hospital? If so, you can search for a job in Multinational Hospital Lahore and apply for it. You can find the job in Lahore on different newspapers and you can choose between male and female applicants,

as well as jobs in both government and private sector. Listed below are some of the jobs that are available in the Multinational Hospital Lahore.

The salary for a Janitorial Staff in a Multinational Hospital Lahore depends on the number of hours you work, the type of hospital you work for, and your level of education.

The basic salary ranges from R81 312 to R95 784 a year, depending on the duties. The pay scale for a Janitorial Staff in MH Lahore is R71 217 per hour, with an average of $27 an hour.

The Thumbay Group is one of the leading medical groups in the United Arab Emirates, and it has posted several vacancies for Janitorial Staff in Lahore.

The group’s history dates back to the 1930s, and the job duties will depend on your level of education. There are a number of vacancies, so make sure to take the time to read through the entire ad.

A multinational hospital in Lahore is looking for janitorial staff with primary and middle education. The minimum educational level for the job is grade nine. If you want to get hired, you need to work in a multi-national hospital.

The salary will range from R81 312 to R95 784 annually, and will depend on your specific job duties. The multi-national hospital in Lahore also has a gynecologist and orthopedic surgeon on staff.

The Thumbay Group is one of the largest medical groups in the country. Its reputed hospital in Lahore is hiring for a variety of janitorial staff. The pay for a healthcare worker varies, depending on the job. Currently,

the salary for a janitorial staff in a multinational hospital is between R81 312 and R95 784 per year, based on the duties and experience of the person.

The salary for a healthcare worker depends on the size of the hospital and the number of employees. A basic salary for this job is R81 312 a year. The salary may vary depending on the type of duties. It may even be more lucrative in some cases.

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Date Posted: 02 April, 2022
Category / Sector: Classifieds
Newspaper: Jang Jobs
Education: Primary | Middle
Vacancy Location: Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Organization: Private Hospital
Job Industry: Labor Jobs
Job Type: Full Time
Job Experience: 02 Years
Expected Last Date: 02 May, 2022
or as per paper ad
Expected Salary: 18500 Rs.

The pay is higher than average and it is possible to work in a multinational hospital, so you can expect a good income with the position.

In order to apply for a job at a multinational hospital, you must have a high school degree and be willing to work long hours. This position is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the hospital, including bathrooms and janitorial work.

There are many benefits to working in this multinational hospital. The salaries are competitive. If you are educated and have a positive attitude, you can find a job in this multinational institution.

As a Janitorial staff, you will help maintain the health of the hospital. You will be cleaning up the floors of the hospital to ensure that everything is clean and safe. Whether you work on a surgical floor or a laundry room,

you will be able to clean the floors and the hallways of a multinational hospital. By working at a multinational hospital, you can earn a salary of up to R81 312 a year.

The minimum educational requirements for this job are middle or primary education. The salary for this position is up to R81 312 per year,

and you can earn between R18500 and R95 784 per year. In Lahore, you must have a certificate of secondary or higher education. You must also possess a valid driving license. You must also have a clean driving record.

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