Cute Russian Girls WhatsApp Numbers Online 2023

Cute Russian Girls WhatsApp Numbers Online 2024

Today on I would like to present to you adorable Russian girls Whatsapp numbers online that are seeking friendship online. If you’re interested in making friends with stunning and gorgeous Russian gorgeous Russian girls, don’t overlook this chance.

I would like I share the most beautiful pretty girls Whatsapp numbers available and how to begin talking to these Ladies. Be sure to ensure that, when you’re chatting with these ladies, you are respectful of their opinions.

Eva Kulikova

Russian Girls Whatsapp Number List
  • +7 (914) 386-59-0

Eva Kulikova is a 23-Year-old Russian girl living within Saint Petersburg. Here’s the way Eva defines herself.

Eva declares she is an optimist, charming and affectionate young woman who is terrified that she will fall for love due to the way her ex has treated her. Eva is also described as a genuine, compassionate and compassionate lady with an innate sense of humor.

I am a lover of Nature and my interests include rock music, sports and classical music, and classical. My favorite places to have free time are museums, concerts, and so on. I like traveling around old cities and marveling at the stunning structures.

Eva is keen to be connected via Whatsapp with a strong charming, affectionate and social man who is honest reliable, honest, and who is a lover of diverse sports.

Samira Ozerova

Russian Girls Whatsapp Numbers (see photos)
  • +7 (913) 100-65-4

Samira Ozerova is a 20-year-old student currently studying in the gorgeous City of Kazan. Samira says she is a caring and passionate girl who is devoted to all. On her website, Samira says she has a minimal anger issue and an enormous amount of respect for guys who love Ladies as well. 

Samira describes herself as a gentle, trustworthy, kind and a patient and responsible. She is also considerate, thoughtful warm and affectionate girl.

As opposed to the many girls Samira likes to communicate with her friends, swimming, taking in the beauty of animals, and visiting the forests. Samira said that she loves fishing.

Concerning the type of man she’s attracted to, she states that, and I quote it below.
“I am looking for a man of integrity who is always thoughtful and kind.

He is a cordial, gentle and loyal gentle, sincere, and with a good temper. I’m looking for someone who is positive with an innate sense of humor A person who loves children.

Elena Artemyeva

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  • +7 (951) 616-24-0

Another adorable Russian girl whose Whatsapp number I’m sharing along with you Elena Artemyeva. Elena is a woman of 27 years old who is gorgeous and keen to meet males on the internet. Elena is based in Novosibirsk and is employed in the largest Industry of Novosibirsk.

Elena believes life can be amazing and beautiful with plenty to give. Elena claims that she takes with respect all things related to people as well as their feelings and obligations are top of her list. She is very honest and honest with all those meets her. Elena is a person of open-mindedness,

friendliness and loves to communicate with people from different backgrounds. I do not drink at all occasions, but I do drink at special occasions. I don’t smoke and don’t use any substances. My favourite sports include running, swimming,

and playing Volleyball. I love exercising and walking in the outdoors and going to the beach or to the forest, playing volleyball , Ping-Pong and traveling.

I’m interested in meeting people who are sincere and compassionate, who adds that add value to marriages and also loves Kids.

Ida Aleksandrova

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  • WhatsApp Russian number is +7 (967) 827-73-8

Ida Aleksandrova is a beautiful young woman who is 21 years older. Ida is a very joyful and friendly, smart social, calm, and serene girl. I like romantic guys who have the ability to laugh.

Darin Medvedeva

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  • WhatsApp Russian number is +7 (967) 7 (967)

Alain Izmailova

940+ Russian WhatsApp Group Links
  • WhatsApp number is +7 (961) 517-84-8

If you are interested, please contact me via the Whatsapp number that is listed above.

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