Auto Headshot Config File Zip

Auto Headshot Config File Zip

Auto Headshot Config File Zip

If you’re interested in improving your auto headshots in the games you play, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you will find the latest Auto Headshot Aimbot config files without causing any matchmaking problems. To get your hands on the latest Auto Headshot config files, download the zip file from the link provided below.

Free Fire Max

The Free Fire Max Auto Headshot Config File is a free download and is designed to help you in the game’s multiplayer mode. It will also boost your fps and graphics. It is compatible with all versions of the game and can be used for both single-player and multiplayer modes. In addition, it also fixes matchmaking glitches and makes the game responsive and smooth.

When you are using the Auto Headshot Config file, you should make sure that the file is anti-ban. If it is not, you risk your account being banned from Free Fire. The biggest feature of the Auto Headshot Config File is the auto headshot power.


If you’re looking for a way to get the headshot advantage in Garena Online, you’ve come to the right place! Auto Headshot Config Files have been designed to allow you to take headshots with your gun. This config file will help you do this and avoid bans.

The file can be downloaded from the links below. Once downloaded, you’ll need to paste it into your game’s directory. This file contains all the necessary settings to make your weapon take headshots in any game mode. It’s 100% working and safe to use, and it’s compatible with every gun skin.

PUBG Mobile

A PUBG Mobile auto headshot config can help you achieve the highest possible headshot. This enables you to deal high amounts of damage with just one shot, and this can make the game a lot more fun for you. This config is also known as an aimbot, and it can help you win matches with a higher chance of hitting your opponent. The best part is that you can download it for free, either from the Google play store or from Mediafire. Once you have the file, all you need to do is extract it with a tool like ZArchiver and copy it into your Pubg mobile game. Then you can start using it in a variety of matches.

After downloading the auto headshot config file, you must install the Z Archiver app from the Google Play Store. Then, copy the auto headshot config file to the android-data folder. You can now edit the file to make it work for you. There are different versions of this config file for different types of users.


To use a BGMI config file for auto head shot, you have to have an active account in the game. You should have the ability to change your settings and choose the sniper rifle you want to use. The config file you download should be safe and compatible with all gun skins.

The BGMI auto headshot config file detects your aim every time you shoot. You can also use it with a shotgun. The Bgmi auto headshot config file is a combination of various save files and configuration files. These files change the FPS, Display Quality, and even sound effects. It also improves your accuracy and headshot assist by up to 70%.

BGMI Auto Headshot

If you’ve ever played Pubg mobile, then you’ve probably seen the auto headshot config file. This file is a combination of an aimbot config file and a game config file that alters FPS, display quality, and sound effects. If you’re looking for an easy way to increase your auto headshot percentage, this is the way to go.

To download the BGMI Auto Headshot config file, you’ll need to visit the BGMI website. Follow the link provided and download the config file. Once you’ve got it, you’ll need to open it with a program like Zarchiver.

FF Auto Headshot

FF Auto Headshot config file zip is a great way to make your weapons take headshots in any game mode. It works on all weapons and is completely safe to use. It is also compatible with all gun skins. If you want to try it out, just download it and follow the instructions to activate it.

The file contains many features that improve your gameplay and make your weapon more accurate. Some of them include the auto headshot feature and aim assist. It will also increase your damage by up to 85%.

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