Administrative Positions at NADRA

Administrative Positions at NADRA

Are you looking for an administrative position at NADRA? If yes, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are some of the administrative jobs at NADRA that you might be interested in. Read on to learn more about qualifications, training,

promotions, and performance appraisals. You’ll also learn how to apply for the positions. This article covers all these aspects. To be considered for an administrative position at NADRA, you must be an RN.


Interested in applying for a job in NADRA? Read on to find out about the qualifications for administrative positions at NADRA. The National Database and Registration Authority is currently hiring for various positions in Pakistan.

The jobs range from matriculation to master’s level, and are available on a contract basis, with an option to extend. If you have the relevant qualifications, you can apply online for the job opening.

Qualified candidates should have the following basic qualifications:


If you are considering applying for an administrative position at NADRA, it is important to note that there are several different levels of training available. These positions are mostly entry-level and can range in the type of work they require. Training for these positions is essential for NADRA to achieve its goal of ensuring high-quality service and customer satisfaction.

The administration of NADRA is committed to developing high-quality staff and educating resources to help improve productivity. Moreover, this position requires creativity and flexibility to meet the evolving needs of the organization.

Apply Online: Upload CV to Apply Job
Date Posted: 17 April, 2022
Category / Sector: Government
Newspaper: Dawn Jobs
Education: Master | BBA | MBA
Vacancy Location: Islamabad, Islamabad, Pakistan
Organization: National Database & Registration Authority NADRA
Job Industry: Admin Clerical Jobs
Job Type: Full Time
Job Experience: 5 Years
Expected Last Date: 02 May, 2022
or as per paper ad

The Human Resource Directorate at NADRA is responsible for providing management support to an exceptional workforce across the country. This department is responsible for recruiting, developing, and rewarding a diverse workforce that reflects the country’s ethnic,

racial, and economic diversity. It also focuses on increasing the representation of women within the organization. Therefore, training for administrative positions at NADRA should provide individuals with the skills and competencies needed to thrive at their current jobs.

Performance appraisals

The research aims to identify the factors that affect the job satisfaction of employees in NADRA and recommend some techniques to improve it. It relies on the perceptions and other works of scholars and researchers to understand the root causes of employee dissatisfaction and propose possible solutions.

The study also considers the service structure of NADRA and the satisfaction of its employees. The study’s findings are complemented by a number of examples of performance appraisals for administrative positions at NADRA.

The basic needs of employees in public sectors are not adequately met. Regardless of the type of job, employees expect basic benefits such as compensation, increments, confirmation of services and medical allowances.

Unfortunately, NADRA management has not met even these basic expectations. Employees have even protested against the service structure, which has left many employees feeling unsatisfied and dissatisfied. As a result, NADRA should provide more opportunities for employees to feel appreciated and rewarded.


The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) recently reversed 240 promotions. The promotions were for selected employees, but the Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed has since withdrawn the order.

The office order had specified that those employees would receive salary fixation, two increments, and no penalties. However, the Interior Minister cancelled the order after the employees complained. This is the latest twist in a long saga of NADRA promotions.

The recent deferral of the Nadra board of promotions is being seen as an act of favor. The minister wanted to extend the contracts of the department head, but the timing was questionable. In the meantime,

the senior-most officer of the department will act as acting chairman until a final decision is taken on the new chairman. In the meantime, the cabinet will finalize one candidate for the position. Until that time, the ‘influential’ temporary employees may lose their jobs.


The termination of administrative positions at NADRA has sparked a controversy. Many Nadra employees have possessed appointment letters but have been forced to leave before performing their official duties. Officials at the authority declined to elaborate on the decision, saying the change was made under political pressure.

While employees are supposed to receive essential training before leaving their current posts, they were instead sacked for no apparent reason. This has triggered a nationwide debate about the role of government bodies and agencies.

The internal government has responded to the controversy by writing to parliamentary party leaders to clarify the government’s stance on the sacking of former Nadra chairman Tariq Malik.

The letter argues that the sacking had nothing to do with the verification of voter thumb impressions or alleged election rigging. However, Malik’s counsel has denied the claim, saying the appointment was in line with Nadra’s rules.

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